Improving ergonomic pipetting

Integra Biosciences is dedicated to developing innovative solutions to improve ergonomic pipetting in the lab, helping scientists to avoid repetitive strain injuries (RSIs). Prolonged manual pipetting is an occupation that puts lab staff at risk of developing hand, neck and shoulder injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, tenosynovitis, and tennis elbow.

Integra supplies a wide range of electronic and manual pipettes suited to various applications, all designed to reduce the risk of RSI and generally improve lab workers’ wellbeing and productivity.
The firm's ergonomic pipette range includes:

  •  Evolve manual pipettes – lightweight with low plunger force, offering three separate dials for quick volume changes to avoid the typical approach of twisting the plunger
  • Viaflo/Voyager electronic pipettes – one-button plunger control and an intuitive thumbwheel design that reduces the risk of thumb injury
  • Assist and Assist Plus pipetting robots – affordable automation of repetitive manual tasks to eradicate ergonomic problems altogether
  • Viaflo 96/384 electronic pipettes – fill/mix an entire plate at a time to dramatically reduce the time spent pipetting, with a computer-controlled plunger and electronic tip loading and ejection
  • GripTip pipette tips – snap effortlessly onto the pipette with no hammering on required, providing the lowest ejection forces possibl

For more information read the article on why you should care about ergonomic pipetting here.

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