Improved sample management

Ziath has introduced an easy upgrade path for the many users of DataPaq 3 sample management software products to its new DP5 suite of products.

Principle advantages of upgrading to DP5 include the ability to work wirelessly using a graphical user interface that will run from a smartphone, tablet or laptop; access to increased data export options; adding additional information to output files through scan time questions and new template specific settings for your tube scanner.

Steve Knight, Commercial Director at Ziath says: "We are continuously investing in product development to help organisations streamline their sample management workflow. We’ve introduced many new and exciting developments in sample tracking and management. The latest generation of powerful DP5 tools will enable users to control their 2D barcode reader directly over a LAN collection, using a sophisticated graphical user interface that will run from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Powered by the latest software tools - upgrading to DP5 brings increased speed and accuracy of decoding combined with an easy-to-use control panel. Using DP5 Network software now lets users control the scanner, retrieve the data with images and then send it to their desktop or a colleague, all from the screen of their handy device".

He adds: "If you have a Ziath Express, Cube or Mirage camera-based scanner, upgrading is easy. We’ll update your instrument firmware for you, then you simply download the new DP5 app from the App Store or Google Play, activate your licence and start enjoying the benefits of wireless roaming control in your laboratory, office or even in your freezer bay or cold store. For users of older flatbed scanners, we are offering trade-in deals when you upgrade to a new Ziath camera-based scanner running DP5".

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