ICP method provides broad scan of elemental composition

A new analytical service note from Warwick Analytical Service (WAS) describes proprietary ICP-OES methodology developed by the company enabling them to provide simultaneous qualitative determination of up to 67 elements* in a single, cost effective measurement.

The WAS ‘Look & See ICP Scan Service’ provides information on elements present at 10-100 ppm right up to greater than 1% w/w. Measured intensities are compared to intensities of traceable standards to obtain the elemental levels in the unknown sample. Multiple wavelengths have been identified for each element to avoid errors due to the spectral interferences commonly found when using only a single analytical wavelength.

Operating in an ISO 17025 and GMP compliant environment following strict operating procedures ensures Warwick Analytical Service delivers top quality ICP data consistently. Equipped with modern high resolution ICP instrumentation and microwave digestion equipment - Warwick Analytical Service is able to offer its 'Look & See ICP Scan Service’ on almost any solid or liquid sample.

Warwick Analytical Service is a company dedicated to providing analytical excellence at a realistic cost. Through experienced staff, the latest analytical instrumentation and working closely with clients - WAS has established a strong reputation for informed personal service and delivering top quality data on time.

For further information please visit www.warwickanalytical.co.uk/metals.htm  or contact Warwick Analytical Service on tel. +44 (0)2476 323 223 or email info@warwickanalytical.co.uk





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