Hygienic seating benches

Teknomek has introduced new seating bench models featuring integrated shoe compartments, available in single or two-shelf variants. The new products were developed in direct response to feedback from customers in the pharma sector.

Sue Springett, commercial manager at Teknomek, explains: “We received numerous requests for bespoke versions of our step-over seating benches with in-built shoe storage. Our clients told us this set-up helps to save valuable space and supports intuitive, linear gowning procedures.

“The level of demand suggested there was a real appetite for new designs, so we’ve added them as part of our standard range and they are proving hugely popular. This goes to show just how important it is to pay close attention to customer feedback.”

The new seating benches are designed to comply with occupational health, are hygienic and robust, supporting payloads of up to 150kg. The single-shelf version has up to 10 individual shoe compartments, and the storage space is doubled for the two-shelf model.

Both designs are easy to clean, and available in either 304 or 316 stainless steel. The benches also offer easy access to clean underneath and feature four adjustable feet with non-marking base for perfect balance.

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