High speed HD infrared camera for test range applications

FLIR Systems announces a new addition to its RS-Series of long-range infrared camera systems designed for range tracking, target signature, research, and scientific applications.

The new FLIR RS8300 couples a proprietary high-speed HD MWIR detector with a 10x continuous zoom lens in a sealed, ruggedised enclosure. Combining reliability with leading edge performance, the FLIR RS8300 delivers stunning megapixel infrared imagery at up to 200 megapixels per second.  To capture the most fleeting of events the camera is capable of lightning fast frame rates from full-frame resolution 14-bit data at125 fps to 64 × 64 at 2 kHz. Additionally the RS8300 enables faster frame rates and focused analysis through FPA windowing.

Optimised imaging is ensured using the FLIR RS8300 four active preset operating modes to provide adjustable integration times, embedded non-uniformity correction, bad pixel replacement and window size adjustments.

Sealed in a positive pressure enclosure, the10x continuous optical zoom lens embeds the focus and focal length information, along with IRIG-B time stamp in every frame of data, allowing for TSPI work. Consequently this rugged camera is ideal for government test range tracking and phenomenology applications.

The RS8300 comes with FLIR's ResearchIR Max software enabling you to view, acquire, analyse, and share high speed data from the camera. Alternately, using FLIR’s SDK ActiveX component, you can command and control the camera with your own custom software.

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