High resolution spectrometer

27th August 2014

The 1.3-metre focal length McPherson Model 209 spectrometer with new micro-step drive can make wavelength steps as small as 0.11 Pico metres. 

Software control is simplified since the wavelength steps are linear for uniform moves over 1000s of nanometres free spectral range.The new models also support homing for wavelength calibration.

With array detectors, spectral resolution is dictated by the sensors' pixel size and spectrometers focal length. Micro-step scans deliver superior performance and meet or exceed prior published specifications.

All McPherson spectrometers are easy to use and can be systems-integrated and all are available with the special micro-step controller with an extensive software package. 

The step motor controller accepts ASCII commands. The user can specify speed, direction, and step size increment with software commands. LabVIEW libraries and program examples for text-based programming are available. 

If you need even more spectral-resolution or dispersion on your pixel size limited camera, spectrometers with 2m focal length are available; so are double-pass and extreme dispersion instruments. 

In these, the light beam circuits the instruments optics twice, doubling performance specifications while maintaining the aperture ratio. These features can bring the longest standard focal length to four metres for UV-Visible and IR applications.





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