High-resolution BioAFM system launched

Bruker has announced the release of BioScope Resolve, a biological atomic force microscope (bioAFM) that features high resolution imaging and the most complete cell mechanics capabilities available for use with an inverted optical microscope (IOM). The system incorporates Bruker’s proprietary PeakForce Tapping technology to enable researchers to achieve both the highest resolution imaging and piconewton level force measurements on biological samples. BioScope Resolve also provides real-time correlation of atomic force microscopy and optical microscopy data sets to provide unique insights into life sciences research. The system enables imaging and mechanical property mapping of the biological detail of cells, tissues, and biomolecular structures that the company says have never previously observed with a bioAFM on an IOM.

“For the first time bioAFM analysis can directly correlate high-resolution molecular structures with function on the same cell,” said Dr Lewis Francis of the College of Medicine and Center of NanoHealth at Swansea University, UK. “BioScope Resolve provides the dynamic range and resolution necessary to allow a deeper understanding of structure-function relationships at cell and tissue surfaces."

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