High productivity SPE sample preparation

1st September 2016

Posted By Paul Boughton

The Porvair Sciences Microlute SPE sample preparation system provides a fast, trouble-free alternative to cartridges for high productivity sample clean-up.

The Microlute SPE sample preparation system also enables you to increase your assay sensitivity by providing reliable pre-injection clean-up and concentration on samples as small as 150µl.

Supplied as a package including filter plate, collection plate, waste tray and manifold, the Microlute SPE sample preparation system contains all the elements to deliver the advantages of high productivity SPE sample preparation in a convenient microplate format. Microlute SPE plates are available with a choice of sorbent, filter and sample collection plates (350 µl, 1ml or 2ml well volumes) to optimally match your sample clean-up requirements.

Using a proprietary sorbent slurry loading technique, the Microlute plate has been developed to eliminate the channelling effects that typically limit the performance of dry powder loaded SPE columns. Each well on a Microlute plate has an individual drain spout ensuring 100% sample transfer and zero crossover contamination.

To recover dry or concentrated sample the Microlute SPE sample preparation system may be coupled to a Porvair Minivap or Ultravap sample concentrator.





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