High precision custom beamsplitters

Optical Surfaces Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of high precision, custom beamsplitters and beamsplitting assemblies to leading spectroscopy, interferometry and imaging companies worldwide looking to enhance the performance of their instruments.

In optical systems, beamsplitters play a key role in dividing, recombining, and managing the directions of multiple beam paths. Using beamsplitters - light may be divided into separate wavelengths and / or polarization states. In addition beamsplitters can split light to provide specific values of transmittance and reflectance.

Drawing upon a uniquely stable production environment and a highly skilled workforce -Optical Surfaces is able to manufacture custom beamsplitters that offer higher flatness and parallel specifications than is routinely available.

Typically OSL beamsplitters are manufactured to a surface accuracy of lambda/20 p-v at 633nm, a surface quality of 10/5 and microroughness of less than 1.2nm rms. Supplied mounted or unmounted, custom beamsplitters from Optical Surfaces can be supplied with an extensive range of coatings designed to operate at your required angle of incidence.

Optical Surfaces has experience and expertise in producing a wide variety of custom beamsplitters. This includes plate, wedge, cube, periscope, penta prism and custom shaped beamsplitters. In addition, Optical Surfaces has also produced dichroic, multi-wavelength, polarising and laser insertion beamsplitter prisms.

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