High performance filtration

Amazon Filters is a manufacturer of bespoke filter housings and high-performance filter media used in the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API's) - vital building blocks for producing final pharmaceutical products.

Manufacturing high quality API’s is critical if the final product is to meet its specification.

Amazon Filters has extensive experience in all areas of the API process, from initial filtration of raw chemicals and solvents, through purification of the compound using carbon, to fine particulate control of the finished API.

Highly corrosive chemicals such as concentrated acids are often used in API manufacturing which places great demands on both filter media and filter housings.

Traditionally API manufacturers have required specialised filter housings such as those manufactured with an internal coating or made from exotic materials such as Alloy 22.

While both these anti-corrosion options are available from Amazon Filters, neither is ideal.

Coatings are prone to mechanical damage and nickel alloys have limited resistance to corrosion by acids, particularly concentrated Hydrochloric acid.

Amazon Filters has introduced two unique filter housings to cope with these difficult applications, one using Tantalum metal deposition and the second being an all PTFE construction, both exhibit exceptional resistance to corrosive chemical damage.

Amazon Filters is also able to recommend the most appropriate filter to offer compatibility with the diverse range of chemicals and solvents used in API manufacturing.

For API manufacturing processes which involve aggressive media (such as concentrated acids) or high temperature the Amazon Filters range of SupaPore cartridges can be supplied in Halar, PTFE or combinations of these materials to suit almost all pharmaceutical fluids.

These cartridges, manufactured in the UK, are available with ratings as fine as 0.1µm and up to over 100µm, so are suitable for all API particle control applications.

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