High-intensity UV viewing cabinet

The Spectroline CX-20 high-intensity UV viewing cabinet guarantees maximum ultraviolet irradiance and fluorescent contrast because it’s designed for peak efficiency.
The CX-20 cabinet combines separate long-wave and short-wave 8-watt UV light sources with specular aluminium reflectors to assure maximum intensity and exceptional fluorescent contrast. An internal 25-watt white light bulb provides visible illumination.
The unit has a removable bottom panel so it can be easily placed over 20 x 20 gels and TLC plates, or to provide greater illumination, over a Spectroline UV transilluminator. The cabinet’s housing is made of vinyl-clad aluminium for maximum durability. The flexible, contoured viewing eyepiece has a UV-absorbing window for comfort and safety. The window also eliminates “blue haze” interference and increases contrast between the fluorescent area and the background.

Loading and unloading plates and gels is simple. Soft rubber curtains on both sides of the CX-20 allow easy entrance to its interior. Both the curtains and the door shield from external light. Users select UV wavelengths by pushing a button. All power buttons are conveniently colour-coded to protect samples from unwanted light exposure.

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