Helper plasmids launched

Manufactured in dedicated clean-rooms with mandated changeovers before new production cycles, AMS Bio introduces new pHelper-Kan plasmid DNA optimized for Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) manufacturing.

Adeno-associated virus is a non-enveloped virus that can be engineered to efficiently deliver DNA sequences of interest into target cells with a low immunogenicity. Because of these unique characteristics, AAV-mediated genome editing has emerged as a highly promising gene delivery method.

The robust virus packaging productivity of this pHelper-Kan plasmid has been tested in almost all AAV serotypes. pHelper-Kan is proven for use in daily AAV production, for both GMP grade and research grade batches.

Immediately available, premanufactured in stock, pHelper-Kan plasmid reduces the optimisation work required to obtain high efficacy when producing viral vectors. The high reproducible quality of the pHelper-Kan plasmid DNA is maintained and verified by standardised manufacturing technology.

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