Gently conveying and precise feeding of sensitive bulk foods

How accurately can spice quantities be portioned in convenience meals? How high is the risk of breakage of highly sensitive animal feed pellets during material flow? How can cleaning times be reduced while also meeting the highest hygiene standards? Food producers are exposed to a growing number of challenges and guidelines.

Schenck Process GmbH’s system components are specially designed to meet the specific requirements of the food industry.

The entire range of the company's high-tech solutions are designed specially for handling material with the utmost care as well as flexible use of all systems for the food and animal feed industry.

Schenck Process’ volumetric and gravimetric feeders and mass flow meters are designed for enriching products with key ingredients such as spices or flavours to the exact gramme.

Precise weighing and feeding, efficient and consistent quality, these are the strengths of the flexible ProFlex F. It saves valuable resources while also ensuring consistent quality. 

The Multidos F weighfeeder in the open version is especially tailored to the fish and meat industry. Both systems are available in an easy-to-clean and food-safe hygienic design. Premium producers are already enjoying the benefits of these systems.

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