GC gas calculator introduced

Peak Scientific has created a new online calculation tool to help laboratories that use gas chromatography (GC) to quickly find the ideal gas solution for their specific GC instrument.

The aptly named ‘GC Gas Calculator’ consists of six simple questions regarding a user’s GC instrument, such as the number and type of GCs, detectors, columns and injectors. These questions can be quickly and easily answered to determine the best gas supply solution for the GC instrument indicated. The user-friendly calculator is free to use and generates a simple report that Peak Scientific will provide to anyone who uses the calculator.

Dr Ed Connor at Peak Scientific says: “One of our main goals of Peak is to make life easier for our customers, and our new GC Gas Calculator is an easy-to-use online tool that will quickly help our customers choose the right combination of generators to suit their lab’s needs. By answering a few simple questions, we will calculate the gases, flows and purities required to support our customers’ GC applications and recommend a solution that will improve their lab workflow.”

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