A fresh approach to developing chronic pain therapeutics

Cellectricon will present a novel phenotypic assay at World Pharma Congress 2013, Tues 4th June, 5pm

Cellectricon, a leading provider of advanced cell-based screening technologies and services, will be attending the 12th annual World Pharma Congress, 4 – 6 June (Philadelphia, PA).

At the event, Cellectricon’s Head of Discovery Services, Dr Paul Karila, will host a presentation describing a novel phenotypic assay for the identification of therapeutic compounds for chronic pain.

The talk, entitled ‘Development of a Phenotypic Pain Assay for Identification of Modulators of Excitability in Native Sensory Neurons’, will take place on Tues 4th June, 5pm, as part of the ‘Targeting Pain with Novel Therapeutics’ program.

This exciting new assay is based on the Cellaxess® technology platform, and uses electric field stimulation of primary DRG neuronal cultures to allow compound identification during early stages of the project lifecycle. As such, Dr Karila will explain how the approach can add significant value to the overall decision-making process of drug development, saving valuable time and cost.

Dr Paul Karila is Chairperson for the ‘Targeting Pain with Novel Therapeutics’ program, and will be on-hand throughout the day to answer any questions on Cellectricon’s services and technology. Alternatively, for more information on Cellectricon, please visit www.cellectricon.com

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