Freeze drying protection innovation

26th January 2018

Emco Packaging is launching Lyoprotect - a range of advanced membrane bags that offer Lyophilisation (freeze-drying) protection without either cross-contamination or flyout. The bags are designed for use in either laboratory or production environments in pharmaceutical, chemical, nutraceutical, food, research and industrial areas.

Advanced membrane technology enables the bags to provide a high moisture vapour transmission rate during the freeze-drying processes. This not only reduces cross contamination but also strictly limits exposure to API by virtually eradicating fly-out. 

The bags lead to significantly reduced cycle times as they optimise product throughput; they also reduce or eliminate freeze dryer cleaning costs. Aseptic criteria can be met and cleaning validation of the freeze-drier is no longer required. Lyoprotect products are available for use with multiple-use stainless steel trays or single-use polypropylene containers.

The new range offers uniform and efficient heat transfer and ensures that the environment remains dust-free, enhancing worker safety. The bags are manufactured from bio-compatible and chemically inert materials.

Pharmaceutical, food and general research establishments commonly use freeze-drying to preserve, stabilise and concentrate APIs and the technique substantially extends the shelf-life of drugs, foods, nutraceuticals, hormones, proteins, plasma, antibiotics and vaccines. It is also ideal for pathological samples, microbiological cultures, viruses, bacteria and antibodies. Liquids converted to a powdered form can be safely stored and reconstituted.





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