Fluorescence-based Mitochondria assays

Amsbio has signed a strategic marketing agreement with Luxcel Biosciences to distribute its range of 96- and 384-well phosphorescence and fluorescence based assays. These new assay kits enable direct real-time analysis of Mitochondrial Respiration (MitoXpress Xtra), Glycolysis (pH-Xtra) and Intracellular Oxygen Concentration (MitoXpress Intra) – providing the perfect tool kit for monitoring bioenergentics, metabolism, Warburg and mitochondrial function & toxicity.

MitoXpress Xtra - Oxygen Consumption Assay [HS Method] is a convenient fluorescence-based, high throughput approach to the direct real-time analysis of mitochondrial oxygen consumption rate (OCR). The easy to use assays measure oxygen consumption of isolated mitochondria, cell populations, small organisms, tissues and enzymes.

pH-Xtra Glycolysis Assay is a fluorescence-based assay that measures extracellular acidification (ECAR). The assay detects changes in extracellular pH caused by the acid extrusion of either suspension or adherent cells. This allows convenient plate based analysis of glycolytic flux and can be used to monitor alterations in glucose metabolism and to confirm mitochondrial dysfunction.

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