Flow-through detector for HPLC

30th April 2014

A leading supplier in radioactivity flow-through detectors, Berthold Technologies, has launched a new variant of its instrument, called FlowStar Model LB513.

The FlowStar is used daily in the wide field of radioactivity measurement with HPLC. New applications such as UPLC and SFC are no problem for the FlowStar thanks to the many different cells.

A new user-friendly touchscreen, the automatic measuring cell recognition and the two integrated bipolar analogue inputs are just some of the new features in the instrument. 

Of course the latest applications were also implemented. The functionality for GLP/GMP is improved so that the user can continuously supervise all relevant parameters for GLP/GMP by keystroke.

FlowStar can easily be integrated in available HPLC systems by using the analogue output signals. For a PC-based solution the versatile RadioStar control and evaluation software is provided. The new FlowStar software controller allows the integration of the FlowStar in other HPLC software environments, for example in the Chromeleon software from Thermo Scientific.

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