Flexible and precise control of gene expression

The new Tunr flexible gene editing system from AMS Bio allows users to precisely control the expression of their gene of interest. Leveraging a CRISPR-Cas9 system for targeted integration of a polyA track at a precise location within the targeted gene, the new kits are custom-designed for a project and include everything users need to tune gene expression in their favourite cell line.

The kits allow user to precisely tune gene expression from 100% all the way down to complete knockout, model ranges of gene expression reflecting diversity in patient populations and knockdown essential genes where knockout would result in lethality. In addition, a kit is available that allows users to control endogenous gene expression, enabling elimination of artifacts from ectopic expression.

The Tunr flexible gene editing system for endogenous genes is designed to allow users to generate four cell lines or animal models with four different levels of knockdown of their endogenous gene of interest.

The kit enables user to insert their gene of interest under Tunr control into the AAVS1 locus. AAVS1 is a safe place to integrate transgenes, allowing predictable expression from a locus known not to alter the expression of other genes or have otherwise negative effects on the cell.

The Tunr plasmid-delivered transgenes kit allows users to control the expression of a transgene. Using the kit, they are able to simply transfect their cells with one of our four plasmids containing their gene under the control of Tunrs of different strengths.

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