Filter improves kidney dialysis treatment

Amazon Filters has supplied a leading pharmaceutical company with SupaPore PPG pleated depth filter cartridges to enable it to achieve a safe, enclosed point-of-use filter on its nitrogen gas distribution line used in the production of an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) for kidney dialysis treatments.

The existing nitrogen filters used in the production facility were in the form of a capsule assembly that was considered a potential risk under current health and safety practises on site. As a consequence, a new set-up was sought that had to be both cost effective and provide safe, high quality filtration in a contained, pressurised housing. Working with the pharmaceutical manufacturer, Amazon Filters designed and manufactured a bespoke five-inch filter housing fitting directly into the line where the previous capsule filter had been installed. The combination of a bespoke filter housing and a 5µm SupaPore PPG polypropylene filter cartridge proved to be ideal for the application meeting all the client's process demands and satisfying its health and safety audit.

SupaPore PPG cartridges have proven effective as a gas pre-filter and polishing filter, and as membrane protection for all liquid processing applications. Manufactured using 100% polypropylene media, drainage layers and hardware, the SupaPore PPG pleated depth filter cartridge offers excellent chemical compatibility across a wide range of liquid processing applications. Its thermal bonded construction ensures minimal extractables and its high filtration efficiency makes it an excellent choice for use in many manufacturing processes.

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