Faster sample extraction

Biotage’s new ISOLUTE SLE+ 1 mL Supported Liquid Extraction 48-well plates enable the extraction of larger sample volumes (1mL total load volume) than presently possible in the microplate footprint.

The new ISOLUTE SLE+ 1 mL sample volume 48-well plates are packed with ISOLUTE SLE+ material; each well containing sufficient ISOLUTE SLE+ material to efficiently extract 1mL of aqueous sample. Existing 96-well formats have a maximum capacity of 400µL, the new plates enable customers to extract larger sample volumes and therefore achieve higher sensitivity, higher throughput and lower detection limits.

The new plates are suitable for the extraction of small molecule drugs, metabolites and endogenous biomarkers from biological fluid samples prior to analytical techniques, such as LC-MS/MS and GC-MS. Analytical chemists in clinical, forensic toxicology and pharmacology will appreciate the high throughput and extra sample capacity.


As with the other products in the ISOLUTE SLE+ range, the same load-wait-elute procedure is used with this new 48-well format reducing method development time.

The plates can be processed using microplate compatible positive pressure manifolds, such as the Biotage Pressure+ 96, vacuum manifolds such as the Biotage VacMaster 96 and most automated liquid handling systems.

The plate is arranged in a 6 x 8 array; with 48 samples being processed per plate a higher throughput than equivalent column formats is achievable. A new compatible 48-well collection plate is also available with a 5 mL capacity so that the entire elution solvent volume can be collected with no need to swap collection vessels.

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