Faster, longer-lasting LC column

The porous graphitised carbon (PGC) columns typically used for acrylamide analysis by method EN 16618:2015 provide adequate retention of acrylamide and sufficient separation from matrix components, but they are subject to long run times and short column lifetimes. Switching to an Allure Acrylamide LC column is a better alternative: an Allure Acrylamide column used with a deuterated internal standard provides faster total analysis times and meets system suitability requirements longer.

Allure Acrylamide columns meet the EN method 1.7-minute retention time requirement with good separation from matrix components and a much shorter equilibration time. A per analysis savings of 2.5 minutes allows more samples to be analysed per shift, significantly increasing lab output. In addition to faster run times, testing showed that the Allure Acrylamide column passed the 1.7-minute system suitability requirement for over twice as many injections as a typical PGC column.

Developed to withstand 100% aqueous mobile phases and elute coextracted matrix components rather than strongly retaining them, Restek Allure Acrylamide guard and analytical columns deliver the same robust performance injection to injection and column to column, making them a more reliable choice for acrylamide analysis, even in difficult food matrices like potato chips or coffee.

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