Fast Western blot stain for his-tagged proteins

10th July 2015

Easy, efficient, economical – use MoBiTec’s SpeedBlot (His) in a one-step protocol for sensitive detection of His-tagged proteins in Western blots without scarifying sensitivity: detect as low as 0.1 pmol.

Western blotting is widely used in research to separate and identify proteins. In this technique a mixture of proteins is separated based on molecular weight through gel electrophoresis. The content of the gel is then transferred to a membrane, producing a band for each protein. The protein of interest is then detected by means of a specific antibody. However, the common protocol for the antibody-based detection of the protein of interest is a laborious and time-consuming undertaking.

Contrary to this, MoBiTec’s SpeedBlot (His) is a ready-to-use reagent for the detection of poly-histidine tagged proteins in blot assays.

It is equally suitable for Western blot and dot or slot blot assays. The detection reagent is made of an optimised anti-histidine antibody-gold nanoparticle conjugate that is reactive against C- and N-terminal tags. The protein of interest is specifically stained in pink directly on the blot, no further equipment for visualisation is required.

Features include:

• Exceptionally fast Western; results in 30-90 min
• Specific staining of His-tagged proteins
• Sensitive to sub-picomol amounts of protein
• Simple incubation, no buffer exchange or washing steps
• Economic, no readout equipment required
• Visually detectable result
• Quantitative and permanent signal
• Works with C-/ N-terminal tags





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