Fast laser-free confocal device launched

29th March 2018

Aurox has introduced its next-generation ClarityHS laser-free confocal microscopy device, featuring fast 100fps full-frame video imaging.

The new system uses the firm's structured illumination disc technology to provide high-resolution confocal images, quickly and of comparable image quality to scanning laser confocal microscopy instruments; but faster, at a much reduced cost and lower photo-toxicity/bleaching.

Dr Phillipa Timmins says: “The ClarityHS can be connected to potentially any suitable microscope, converting the users’ microscope to a confocal imaging instrument. The fast 100fps allows exposure times down to 10ms, such that high quality time-lapse z-stacks can be recorded."

Extremely compact and designed for installation use in the life science lab; close to where the samples are generated, the ClarityHS removes the immediate need for travel to a core microscopy facility. It combines accessibility with ease of use and high-speed imaging in a laser-free confocal device of significantly reduced purchase pricecompared to a scanning laser confocal system and also greatly reduced running costs. The ClarityHS is maintenance free and contains no lasers. 

It has widefield and confocal imaging modes, with 3x confocal modes, which can be optimised for high signal or high speed. All functions are accessed via the Aurox Visionary software, which provides all acquisition and experiment controls in one quick to learn and easy to use graphical user interface.





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