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27th August 2015

Beurer has announced two new additions to its range of blood pressure monitors, each of which are specifically designed for comfort and convenience.

The BM 75 and BM 85 are stylish, compact, upper arm medical devices with a range of features designed to take fast and accurate blood pressure readings in a way that’s convenient and helpful to the user. Each features a large backlit LCD that displays pulse, systolic and diastolic readings with a patented resting indicator for exact measurement results and hemodynamic stability diagnosis. Each also includes arrhythmia detection to detect and warn of possible heart rhythm disturbance, with readings taken fully automatically from the upper arm using the comfortable measurement cuff.

It’s also easy to view at-a-glance contextual results via the colour-coded World Health Organisation (WHO) indicator to inform immediately if readings fall within the desired boundaries, and twin storage locations hold up to 60 readings for each of two people, easily switchable via the on-board controls.

The state-of-the-art monitors are also compatible with Beurer’s innovative HealthManager software and free app that combines four key aspects of health management and alongside blood pressure can help users manage fitness and sleep, weight and body composition and blood glucose for a complete analysis of their state of health, fitness and wellbeing.

Readings from the BM 75 can be immediately uploaded to a smartphone running the HealthManager app using NFC, which transmits over distances of a few centimeters, or alternatively via USB cable to the HealthManager desktop suite on a PC. The BM 85 offers similar advantages but utilises Bluetooth for added convenience of transmission at greater distances.

When uploaded, users can view detailed history of the blood pressure readings in a graph or table alongside the recent measurements and further information about blood pressure information supplied by WHO.

“Our goal with the BM 75 and 85 was to make blood pressure measurement as straightforward, comfortable and convenient as possible” said Robert Slade, Managing Director for Beurer UK. “As well as delivering a slimline, compact device that’s extremely fast and easy to use, the ability to wirelessly upload results and view blood pressure history through HealthManager is a great example of how modern technology can work together to provide genuine advantages to our day to day lives”.





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