Expanding applications for stability chambers

SP Scientific reports upon the growing range of applications served by its premium Hotpack Stability Chambers.

Available in a variety of customisable models, these systems provide precision temperature control from 2°C to 70°C and 20% to 96%RH with exceptional uniformity throughout the chamber and therefore can serve a diverse array of applications across a multitude of industries.

Hotpack Stability Chambers are used in the pharmaceutical, automotive, and cosmetic industries to test the resilience of product samples under controlled temperature and humidity variables. Hotpack Stability Chambers are also used to test packaged food in sealed bags for moisture permeability.

The Model 33R is a high-quality temperature/humidity controlled Stability Chamber, built to exceed the exacting standards required by such regulatory bodies as ICH, TAPPI, and MIL Spec.

This Stability Chamber is constructed from 304 Stainless Steel and finished with an external protective finish. Each unit is equipped with four solid stainless-steel shelves secured by pilasters designed to bear substantial test loads.

High density testing is accommodated by up to 19 available shelf positions.

Outstanding accuracy and optimal performance on the Model 33R is achieved by a microprocessor-based PID controller which regulates user-settable temperature and humidity limits.

An audio-visual alarm system is available to alert users to events such as power interruptions that may disturb test results.

The Stability PLUS design of the Model 33R provides the gentle, even flow of conditioned air which ensures precision testing without the risk of temperature variations or inadvertent evaporation of samples.

A comprehensive array of accessory options including access ports, PC interfaces, and chart recorders are available for this temperature controlled Stability Chamber.

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