Exosomics deploys NanoAnalyzer

Biotech firm Exosomics has announced that it has implemented NanoFCM's NanoAnalyzer instrument to offer sophisticated contract research and measurement services.

In this strategic partnership, Exosomics becomes NanoFCM’s approved service supplier of nano-flow cytometry measurements. These can be performed as stand-alone or coupled to solutions provided by Exosomics.

"Thanks to their NanoAnalyzer, Exosomics will be able to supply the widest range of nano-flow cytometry measurements, which are in high demand across Europe and the rest of the world," said Dr Dimitri Aubert, Managing Director of NanoFCM. "We are delighted to recommend Exosomics to our close collaborators wishing to access the NanoAnalyzer platform on a punctual basis, or as part of a wider range of services that would accelerate internal research and development capabilities".

"We believe that by implementing the nano-flow cytometry platform we are once more leading the extracellular vesicles research field and we can offer the widest range of services to Biotech/Pharma and Academic groups," said Dr Antonio Chiesi, CEO of Exosomics. "This instrument will also allow us to further develop our own liquid biopsy pipeline, which requires the highest level of accuracy and reproducibility".


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