Exosome isolation and detection kits

AMS Bio has introduced a new range of proprietary reagents designed for researchers investigating targeted cancer therapy

Targeted cancer therapy represents a promising new cancer treatment, one which delivers drugs in specific carriers and interferes with the specific target molecules that play a critical role in tumour growth and progression. Exosomes expressing specific surface markers (among them CD81, CD63, and CD9) have been found to play roles in cancer progression and tumorigenesis as a transporter of miRNA. As a delivery system, they can therefore potentially be used as a specific carrier of immunotherapy/chemotherapy and cancer vaccines, as can be seen in a growing number of biotech companies, such as Evox Therapeutics developing exosome-based therapies.

The new column-based exosome isolation kit works to isolate intact exosomes from both serum and cell-conditioned media. Exosome detection ELISA kits quantify exosome levels in the fractions as well as in samples such as culture media and sera. In addition, AMS Bio also provides monoclonal antibodies against common exosome markers and immune checkpoint ligands for immunostaining, ELISA, or flow cytometry.

The company offers a wide selection of products dedicated to Exosome Research. This includes high quality reagents and kits that are quick, affordable and easy to use.

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