Exome sample tracking panel provides sample provenance

LGC, in collaboration with the University of Southampton, has developed a panel of 24 scientifically-validated KASP genotyping assays that enables identification of human samples based on a genotyping profile.

The exome sample tracking panel allows sample identification in any research laboratory with basic PCR capacity and is a powerful tool for protecting sample provenance and ensuring integrity of data.

Original samples are genotyped using KASP chemistry, resulting in a genotype profile that acts as an internal barcode for each sample. At the end of the project workflow, utilising NGS data, samples can be referenced to their original profile to verify sample integrity.

Joris Parmentier, Product Manager, KASP assays and reagents, LGC, said: “We are proud to announce the launch of this simple yet elegant product that was developed in collaboration with our scientific partners at the University of Southampton. 

“The product allows easy and robust identification of human samples at any stage in a genomics workflow and offers our customers a convenient method to prevent sample switches based on our robust and universally applicable KASP genotyping chemistry. Scientific innovation is of great importance to LGC and this launch showcases that our proprietary KASP chemistry continues to bring innovation to the human genetics market.”

The exome sample tracking panel has been validated on various populations ensuring discriminative power. The robust KASP genotyping chemistry means that the panel is conveniently applicable in universities, hospitals, biobanks and core facilities alike.

For more information, visit www.lgcgroup.com/genomics


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