Enhancing the food flavour experience through stimulating trigeminal sensations

Sensations such as cooling, burning, spiciness, fizziness (or tingling), pungency, and astringency are called trigeminal, from the name of the nerve that conveys their message to the brain. These sensations combine with olfactory and taste components at the brain level to modulate and enrich the perception of a flavour.

The trigeminal sensation starts by the activation of receptors located in the nasal and oral cavities due to the presence of specific stimuli such as menthol for cooling, spilanthol for tingling and capsaicin for spiciness.

Firmenich, the privately owned perfume and flavour company, developed solutions based on components that activate the trigeminal system to bring an enriched signature to their flavours, and thus to the products and brands of their clients.

Firmenich's proprietary NovaSense mixes, which are neutral in taste, offer the possibility to be blended with any flavour tonality such as mint, fruits, brown notes or spices.

First designed to integrate confectionery applications, such as hard boiled candies, chewing gums and compressed tablets, NovaSense mixes have been recently adapted to dairy and oral care applications. The range includes a cool, a hot, a tingling, a salivating and a 'deep clean' solution, the latter being specific to toothpaste and mouthwash applications.

The mixes offer a long lasting effect, complementary to the flavour tonality, and are particularly suitable for supporting functional claims and enhancing the sensorial experience.


- Firmenich S A is based in Geneva, Switzerland. www.firmenich.com

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