Enhanced SiLA-compliant software for washers/dispensers

LHC SiLA is a liquid handling control software that allows any BioTek LHC-controlled washer or dispenser to be integrated into a robotic system with SiLA compliance, equipping users with more flexibility in system configuration compared to conventional instrument drivers. 

Compatible instruments include EL406, 405 Touch, 405 LS, ELx405 Select Deep Well, MultiFlo and MultiFlo FX. BioTek’s LHC SiLA driver was developed in accordance with the Consortium for Standardization in Lab Automation’s published set of universal methods for microplate washers and dispensers. 

Benefits include:

* Total flexibility in instrument component and automated system selection—users choose the best instrument for assay vs. being limited to what can be integrated into current systems.

* Fast, cost effective and seamless integration with automated systems.

* Conforms to international standards set forth by the Consortium for Standardization in Lab Automation creating open connectivity in lab automation.

The Consortium for Standardization in Lab Automation (more commonly known as SiLA) develops and introduces new interface and data management standards allowing rapid integration of lab automation systems. 

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