Enhanced NGS portfolio

OGT, a Sysmex Group Company, has recently launched several new solutions to support its growing NGS portfolio. These include the SureSeq Myeloid Plus panel, which has been designed to detect aberrations in genes implicated in a variety of Myeloid disorders. The company has also launched an improved library preparation workflow – the Universal NGS Complete Workflow, compatible with its haematology, inherited and rare disease NGS panels – significantly reducing hands-on time and complemented by updated Interpret NGS analysis software.

The SureSeq Myeloid Plus panel is the most recent addition to the firm's haematology NGS portfolio. Having been meticulously designed along-side leading cancer experts, the new panel is able to detect a comprehensive range of aberrations including SNVs, indels, ITDs and PTDs within 49 genes. These genes cover those associated with myeloid disorders including acute myeloid leukaemia, myeloproliferative neoplasms and myelodysplastic syndrome among others. Thanks to OGT’s expertise in bait design, the Myeloid Plus panel delivers unparalleled coverage uniformity for low frequency variants, even in difficult-to-sequence AT/GC rich regions and challenging regions covering ITDs and PTDs, which are common somatic variants in acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) often associated with poor prognosis and an aggressive form of the disease. The power of the Myeloid Plus panel stands testament to the benefits of hybridisation capture over PCR enrichment for excellent levels of sensitivity and uniformity of coverage.

To support researchers using the SureSeq Myeloid Plus panel, the new Universal NGS Complete Workflow has been developed. By reducing the number of clean-up steps and QC requirements, library preparation can be completed in just four and a half hours, with a 40% saving of hands-on time. By combining several steps, and introducing sample pooling, the reduced workflow complexity not only decreases the potential for error, but also saves on plastic waste and costs.

Compared with the previous SureSeq workflow, the updated version requires no additional expensive laboratory equipment, making the process much more amenable to automation, and therefore ready for the future. To supplement this new and improved workflow, the Interpret NGS analysis software (V3.5) has been upgraded with improvements in CNV interpretation, annotation, visualisation and sample data import and display. Unlike some other NGS providers, OGT provides complimentary NGS software with its NGS panels.

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