Enhanced digital strategy increases lab efficiencies and productivity

Agilent Technologies has extended its digital lab capabilities with Agilent CrossLab Asset Monitoring, an advanced service for laboratories seeking increased visibility and control over operations.
Today organizations struggle optimizing laboratory operation and asset management. Across large instrument fleets it has been difficult measuring productivity and effective capacity, resulting in unnecessary capital purchases, misallocation of lab space, unmet cost management initiatives, and reduced throughput.
CrossLab Asset Monitoring, part of the CrossLab Connect suite, measures and provides visibility into lab-wide instrument usage. Accurate asset utilization provides the missing data needed to support cost and productivity improvement initiatives.
“CrossLab Asset Monitoring is a truly lab-wide application,” said David Heiger, Ph.D., associate vice president of Marketing, Agilent CrossLab Group. “It provides our customers valuable insights to identify and correct workflow bottlenecks and optimize lab resources.”
“Agilent is at the forefront of applying IoT and insight analytics technologies to lab operations with this new service,” Heiger added.
Agilent CrossLab Asset Monitoring securely measures how labs use assets of virtually every type, from any supplier. The service integrates Agilent’s lab-wide sensor technology and data analytics platform to provide unparalleled breadth of monitoring and reporting accuracy, enabling lab management to make confident, fact-based decisions.

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