Enhanced adenoma detection

Pentax Medical EMEA announces its continued cooperation with Smart Medical to support the distribution and deployment of SMART’s G-EYE technology integrated with Pentax Medical’s HD+ systems to the EMEA market.

The G-EYE system employs a permanently-integrated balloon at the tip of the conventional endoscope, which is moderately inflated during endoscope withdrawal and enhances colonoscopy detection capabilities by straightening intestinal folds, centralising the endoscope optics and eliminating bowel slippage.

The result is a significantly improved detection of pre-cancerous polyps (adenomas) and substantial clinical benefit.

The G-EYE system provides an innovative solution for enhancing adenoma detection rate (ADR), meeting the demand for improved quality in colonoscopy.

G-EYE allows increasing ADR and superior stabilisation of the endoscope even at difficult locations such as the right colon and tight flexures.

Combined with the more controlled withdrawal of the G-EYE system, this provides improved diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities and a faster and more controlled procedure.

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