Eliminating solvent bumping and foaming during evaporation

Genevac’s Dri-Pure technology, available as standard on Series 3 HT, EZ-2 and Rocket Synergy evaporators, enables scientists to rapidly dry their samples without foaming, cross-contamination or loss of sample due to solvent bumping.

The Dri-Pure technology works by reducing pressure in the evaporation chamber in combination with an increase in rotor speed to achieve greater g-force and carefully controlling heat flow to the sample during the pressure ramping stage.

Embedded in the Genevac evaporator software and hardware, Dri-Pure works automatically without need for user intervention eliminating solvent bumping or foaming and enabling controlled ‘sample-safe’ solvent removal in the minimum time.

Dri-Pure offers significant benefits and is widely proven to eliminate cross contamination during parallel evaporation in EZ-2 and HT evaporators. Dri-Pure on the Rocket Synergy evaporator has been more recently demonstrated to prevent foaming often seen in batch evaporation of large volumes such as are generated by natural product extractions.

Combining Dri-Pure with the auto-stop when dry capability - Genevac evaporators offer truly unattended evaporation freeing  scientists to perform other tasks confident that their samples will be dried without cross contamination or thermal damage.

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