Effective DMSO removal

The Genevac Series 3 HT centrifugal evaporator is now proven to provide highly effective drying of samples previously stored in dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO).

DMSO is an important polar aprotic solvent that dissolves both polar and non-polar compounds and is miscible in a broad range of organic solvents as well as water. Because of these properties it is widely used as a universal sample storage solvent. However, samples dissolved in DMSO cannot be as easily recovered compared to other solvents, as it is very difficult to remove all traces of DMSO by conventioDMSO removal case studynal evaporation techniques.

The new Series 3 HT evaporator aims to represents the ultimate in solvent removal technology. Benefiting from an advanced scroll pump that delivers reliable deep vacuum down to 0.4mbar, and chamber heaters to protect the system from condensation, it is able to efficiently and effectively dry even very high boiling solvents such as DMSO. 

Designed with latest touchscreen technology and a sleek ergonomic design, the Series 3 HT evaporator makes optimising evaporation processes effortless.

Available in 6- and 12-sample holder configurations, the new evaporators are the system of choice for high throughput sample drying because of their high capacity technology that eliminates cross contamination due to sample bumping, and automated monitoring of temperature and pressure to prevent sample degradation.

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