Drier reagents for longer

22nd May 2014

Posted By Paul Boughton

The AcroSeal packaging family
New AcroSeal 25mL packaging

When using air- and moisture-sensitive solvents and reagents, it is essential that these products are not only as dry as possible when you first use them, but they should remain dry in storage as well.

Through the innovative quadrant-style screw cap and specially designed septum, AcroSeal packaging ensures that you have access to high-quality and low moisture products every use, guaranteeing improved yield and consistency of your research experiments while reducing chemical waste.

Acros Organics (part of Thermo Fisher Scientific) is looking to expand its AcroSeal portfolio to better meet customer’s chemistry needs. To cater for applications where small, research-scale quantities are required or customers have infrequent need for extra dry solvents the new 25mL pack size has been introduced.

Greener solvents, such as 2-Melthyltetrahydrofuran, join the range of extra dry solvents (packaged with or without molecular sieves) having AcroSeal packaged options, as do a range of solvents specified ‘for biochemistry’. Most commonly used deuterated solvents can also be ordered in AcroSeal packaging.

The need for dry products does not end with solvents: yields can be improved and waste reduced by choosing air and moisture sensitive organometallics, reagents in solution and organics in AcroSeal packaging.


Acros Organics AcroSeal™ packaging for air and moisture sensitive reagents




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