Dosing, diluting and dispensing

23rd August 2017

Posted By Paul Boughton

Systec Mediapump, a programmable multifunction pump for the manual or automated dosing of fluids, is available now with a new and improved design.

The dosing volume can be set from 0.1 ml to 99,999.9ml.

The system works with an accuracy of ± 0.5 %, ensuring reproducible results thanks to its automatic calibration.

Individually parameterisable programs are available in addition to the simple manual filling process.

A robust precision roller mechanism ensures the highest possible dosing accuracy even at high flow rates exceeding 2,500ml/min, with the special roller head ensuring a continuous fluid flow with minimum pulsation.

The Systec Mediapump is also particularly suitable for filling petri dishes with hot and viscous media.

Thanks to its well thought design, the Systec Mediapump can also be used as a component of automated processes. It offers a high degree of flexibility because different tube sets can be programmed and used reproducibly. A novel tube bed mechanism facilitates the task of changing the tube sets.

All the functions are clearly laid out on the touchscreen of the Systec Mediapump together with the permanent display of the different parameters.

Different languages and colour settings can be selected via the touchscreen.

Features include:

* The tube sets can be changed quickly thanks to the novel tube bed mechanism

* Automatic calibration ensures reproducible results

* Optimum handling for the user thanks to the clearly laid out operator panel

* High quality industrial touch screen and smooth housing surfaces from stainless steel for effective wipe disinfection

* Double roller pump head in conjunction with an optimized tube bed guarantees maximum precision (±0.5%) and a long operating life for the tubes

* Reverse function prevents media from gelling in the tube set if the pump is out of use for longish periods

* Function for filling the tube at the start of the filling process

* Start and stop function can be operated either by hand or foot switch

* Fully flexible stand with holder for the discharge nozzle* Easy to service modular construction and compact design* Suitable for the use with the Systec Mediaprep media preparators.





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