DNA kit with enhanced performance

Agilent Technologies has introduced a new product designed to address key challenges that laboratories encounter when preparing DNA sequencing libraries for their research. The new SureSelect XT HS2 DNA Kit offers researchers a complete solution that allows them to choose workflow options that best suit their needs.
Advantages of the new kit include the ability to multiplex hundreds of samples in one sequencing run, which reduces sequencing costs for high-throughput labs, as well as the ability to remove sample contamination as a result of index hopping from reads.

It akso features better error correction to detect variants with low allele frequencies (particularly important in cancer applications where the samples are often of varying tumour purity).

“Agilent’s new SureSelect XT HS2 kit will help us accelerate our capture-based enrichment library preparation, without sacrificing quality,” said Zarko Manojlovic, Ph.D., assistant professor of Research Translational Genomics, and director of the Keck Genomics Platform (KGP). “Since most of our work is focused on the processing of highly degraded samples, the integrated and modular XT HS2 protocol truly provides us the flexibility to adjust on a per-sample basis within a high-throughput processing integration. This empowers us to create robust sample preparation pipelines to push the boundaries of processing precious low-quantity and poor quality samples in an integrated and efficient way.”

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