Cupboards for cleanrooms

Teknomek has begun a refresh of its specialist cupboard range. This will bring products into line with the significant improvements introduced to the standard models in 2019. The first units to benefit from the improved hygienic design are the stainless steel vented cupboard and the storage cupboard with internal drawers. 

Sue Springett, Teknomek’s commercial manager, says: “Our design philosophy is one of continuous improvement built on the key principle that we support our customers’ hygiene procedures. Each iteration of our products should save more time and reduce risk, this is immediately apparent in our cupboards.  

“We’ve had really positive feedback on the enhancements to the standard cupboards so we’re rolling out the upgrades to the full range. With the broadest selection of specialist cupboards on the market, this is an ongoing process. We’re extremely pleased that we’re now able to release the first models in the cycle, there will be more to follow in 2020.”           

The key upgrades are: ground clearance raised to 300mm, improving accessibility to clean the base and all of the floor beneath; straight edges on three sides of the base to reduce the risk of harbourage and speed up clean down; sloping top to prevent dust from settling or water pooling.  

The shelving rests on easy clean rods, so each shelf can be added or removed for flexible storage configuration and slightly tilted shelving combines with drainage holes in the base to prevent liquids pooling.   

Springett comments: “Hygienic best practice is much easier to follow when the product is easy to clean, the upgrades to our cupboard ranges supports this thinking. The driving force behind the updates is to reduce the operational cost of ownership by making the cupboards quicker to clean. As well as removing even more dirt traps, we have addressed the greatest risk of all – the human factor. Notably, the sloping roof discourages staff from putting items on top, where they can collect dust.”  

The two doors vented cupboard features vents on both doors and at the sides, the doors are lockable making it ideally suited to chemical storage. It is available in standard widths of 1,000 and 1,200mm, the body height comes in two options, always with the easy clean 300mm high legs.   

The tall storage cupboard with internal drawers ships with four in-built drawers and offers space for up to four additional removable shelves. It is available in single (600mm) or double (1,000 or 1,200mm) door variants, with depths of 400 or 600mm. The cupboard offers a standard height of 2080mm with the additional 300mm ground clearance for easy access when cleaning.  

Each cupboard can be secured with an optional chain wall fixing.   

The products are built of 304 grade stainless steel and feature adjustable stainless steel feet with rubber bases as standard. Bespoke sizes and/or 316 grade stainless steel are available on request.  


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