Culturing cells without using serum

26th April 2019

AMS Bio has introduced XerumFree, a new concept in cell culture that allows users to culture cells without the use of serum.

XerumFree has been developed taking into account what is missing in traditional basal cell culture media to sustain growth of all cell types, which is a nutritional approach at the cellular level.  

Containing no animal or human derived material, XerumFree is a serum replacement for all cell culture practices that is chemically defined thereby avoiding lot-to-lot variations and eliminating the need for testing new batches of serum. Since it does not contain hormones, cytokines or unknown serum compounds it cannot bias research data. Further as the new solution is animal vesicle free, it is an ideal cell culture medium for exosome research.

XerumFreehas been designed to be easy to use: simply add it to a culture medium as you would do with fetal bovine serum (FBS). Examples of cells that have successfully been cultured on XerumFree enriched medium include Liver epithelial cells, HaCaT, Primary human hepatocytes, Hybridoma, VERO, HEK293, CHO, HEP G2, HeLa and Human keratinocytes





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