Convenient benchtop tray freeze dryer

The AdVantage Pro freeze dryer with advanced controller from SP Scientific now offers users the benefit of ethernet communication to allow users to monitor their cycle from anywhere that they can receive email.

Designed for pharmaceutical and biotech labs, the AdVantage Pro has comparable shelf temperature uniformity (+/- 1.0°C) and system vacuum control performance to larger production freeze dryers, but in a convenient benchtop package. At only 26in (66cm) wide, the Advantage Pro requires a minimal amount of valuable bench space, yet enables product to be safely processed on over 3ft2 (2,766 cm2) of usable shelf area. 

It offers the versatility to freeze dry bulk product or be configured for applications in stoppered vials. Top down pneumatic stoppering is available as an option. It also features a sophisticated and accurate Pirani gauge to measure and control vacuum. Side-mounted manifold valves provide the additional flexibility to freeze dry product in flasks. Two refrigeration choices (-70°C and -85°C) are available for the large six-litre capacity condenser, depending on the type of product and solvents being lyophilised. Operational convenience is enhanced by an advanced condenser coil that can hold a total of six litres before defrosting. 

Designed for both the occasional user and freeze-drying expert, the intuitive AdVantage Pro controller simplifies freeze drying and makes the system easy to operate. One-touch start-up and shut down ensure that product and freeze dryer are protected from inadvertent operational procedures. Integrated performance and leak testing ensure that the dryer is always working optimally. The colour touchscreen display provides users with at-a-glance understanding of the status of their freeze dryer and whether or not appropriate freeze-drying conditions exist. Alarm alerts, delivered via email, help notify the user of potential problems with the system and hence, with the product. 

Recipe customisation (up to 10 thermal treatment and 12 drying steps) enables experienced operators to undertake even the most complex freeze-drying protocols. The controller provides scientists with the ability to develop a complete freeze-drying recipe, together with the flexibility to program and control individual pressure and temperature settings at each step of the process.

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