Controlled rate freezing of biological samples

8th July 2019

SP Scientific has introduced the new BioCool V40 - a robust and reliable mechanically refrigerated 1.5-litre system designed for controlled rate freezing of biological materials including blood, embryos and tissue samples.

The BioCool V40 is a controlled rate freezer that does not require expendable liquid nitrogen and the associated pumping, re-filling, and storage challenges posed by a cryogenic liquid. It simply plugs into a standard electrical outlet and quietly provides low temperature cooling to -40º C. The magnetic stirrer and vortex breaker ensure isothermal conditions throughout its temperature range. 

The new generation product benefits from a new controller that provides accurate temperature control with up to 10 point calibration. An intuitive user interface allows for easy navigation and parameter adjustment. The powerful controller enables programming and storage of numerous protocols, each with up to10 distinct segments specifying ramp rate, hold temperature and hold time. Configuration files can now be programmed, saved and shared remotely through RS485 communication and a free software package. 

Unlike liquid nitrogen systems, which surround samples with a cold vapour phase, the BioCool V40 immerses samples into a well-circulated, cold liquid bath. The circulating liquid allows more efficient heat transfer to the samples and maintains a more consistent temperature profile at all locations. 





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