Connectivity expert provides cyber security advice

27th September 2016

Posted By Paul Boughton

HMI/SCADA software expert, COPA-DATA UK, has released a white paper investigating the state of security in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. In the paper, COPA-DATA discusses why the pharmaceutical industry is vulnerable to attacks and examines some of the most effective security tools that companies have at their disposal in the era of Industry 4.0. To download the white paper, click HERE.

Cyber security threats are prevalent in almost every industry. However, according to the latest reports, the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors are falling behind in the cyber security race. With the number and complexity of cyber threats on the rise, pharmaceutical manufacturers need to change the way they think about industrial security.

In the white paper, COPA-DATA investigates how pharmaceutical companies can leverage the benefits of new technologies, like the Industrial Internet of Things, while minimising cyber security risks.

"The estimated cost of cybercrime to the UK economy is said to be around £27 billion annually,” explained Martyn Williams, Manager Director at COPA-DATA UK. “In fact, the same report named the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors amongst the hardest hit industries.

“The objective of the white paper is to educate pharmaceutical manufacturers of the potential risks they face and highlight the best methods to minimise these risks. The white paper also discusses how pharmaceutical manufacturers can use compliance procedures to their advantage and employ intelligent SCADA software to reduce the likelihood of cyber attacks.”

COPA-DATA develops and supplies intelligent HMI and SCADA software for industrial applications in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, energy and automotive sectors. Supplying an ergonomic process solution for its customers, COPA-DATA provides versatile products for industry-specific processes. More information on COPA-DATA’s work in the pharmaceutical sector can be found on the company’s dedicated industry page.







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