Complete solution for films containing APIs

The Comedco production system is ideal for businesses that want to start manufacturing, assembling and packaging transdermal patches (TDS) and oral dispersible films (ODF). It has been developed by two companies, Coatema and Optima Life Science, which have combined their expertise in coating, converting and services to found the Comedco alliance. 

The two specialist companies have come together to form the Comedco alliance. The Comedco system is suitable for use on any scale, from laboratory work to series production of TDS and ODF films. It also acts as a development and technology partner for pharmaceutical companies wishing to market TDS and ODF products more efficiently. For example, tests in the companies' own laboratories and their many years of experience have all fed into the selection of the best film carrier materials and suitable application systems. The worldwide service network is already up and running.

In the processing of TDS and ODF products, active ingredients are applied to a carrier film and then dried. After that, the carrier film is cut and wound on to individual rolls. These rolls then move on to a web processing system. Depending on the product, existing carrier films will be removed, new ones applied and films cut to size, separated, and packaged. 

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