Colorectal cancer staging test to be commercialised in China

6th June 2014

Shuwen Biotech Co Ltd, a diagnostic company focused on licensing, developing and commercialising diagnostic kits and services for unmet clinical needs in China, has announced it has formed an alliance with the Canada-based DiagnoCure Inc to commercialise the Previstage GCC colorectal cancer staging test in China.

Under the exclusive license and collaboration agreement, DiagnoCure has granted Shuwen Biotech an exclusive license to commercialise the Previstage GCC colorectal cancer staging test in the Greater China Region (China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan). 

Shuwen Biotech will conduct clinical trials in China on an IVD kit format of the Previstage test, and obtain a regulatory approval from the Chinese FDA for the kit. Shuwen Biotech will manufacture the IVD kit in its own manufacturing facilities and market the kit to major Chinese hospitals. In addition, Shuwen Biotech will also offer the Previstage testing service from its own clinical reference lab. 

“Shuwen Biotech is a leading molecular diagnostic company in China led by its Chairman and CEO Jay Z Zhang, a diagnostic industry veteran, who was formerly a senior vice president at Myriad Genetics.  Collaborating with Jay and his team will undoubtedly create value for both corporations and most importantly help colon cancer patients receive the most appropriate treatment,” commented Dr Yves Fradet, President and Chief Medical Officer of DiagnoCure. 

“The ability to collaborate with DiagnoCure and to market Previstage GCC in the Greater China Region provides Shuwen with an exciting opportunity. We strongly believe in the benefits of Previstage GCC to help in staging and better control of colorectal cancer, a condition afflicting unfortunately a growing number of patients in China,” said Mr Jay Z Zhang.





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