Cleanroom decontamination guide

Cherwell Laboratories has published a booklet titled, The Pharmaceutical Lab’s Pocket Guide to Cleanroom Decontamination.

The guide, which is available to download from Cherwell’s website, provides cleanroom operators and laboratory personnel with an overview of cleanroom decontamination technologies.

The aim of the guide is to help the operator understand the complex protocols and heavily regulated procedures associated with pharmaceutical cleanrooms.

The guide includes an overview of cleanroom disinfectants; decontamination techniques; decontamination devices and systems that deliver quicker, safer cleanroom decontamination.

The eBook starts with the background to cleanroom standards and regulations, including reference to ISO-14644 parts 1 and 2, as well as the EU Biocidal Products Regulations which are of great importance when choosing a biocide.

Also covered is a summary of the different biocidal agents available, the different techniques you can employ to disinfect a cleanroom and points to consider when choosing the appropriate decontamination solution for your cleanroom.

The new cleanroom decontamination educational guide can be downloaded HERE.

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