Bringing customisation to NGS

Demonstrating its advocacy for genomics research, Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) has announced a significant expansion to its NGS portfolio. It has launched its Custom NGS Adapters offering, providing an easy and flexible customised adapter solution directly to scientists. The cornerstone of this new offering is an innovative web-based configurator tool , the Custom Adapter Configurator, enabling researchers to effortlessly select exactly the right components for their experiments and immediately order them, thanks to a built-in ecommerce function. Completing the lineup is the new Lotus DNA Library Prep Kit, providing a simple, robust, and flexible library preparation to suit every need. 

IDT is well known in custom oligo manufacturing. NGS adapters are a specific type of custom oligo, and consequently, IDT has excellent manufacturing expertise in this area. IDT adapters and other products are individually synthesised using stringent methods that deliver high quality in every single batch,­ critical for NGS applications. As demonstration of its proficiency, in 2017 the company announced a partnership with Illumina to develop and manufacture a portfolio of indexed NGS adapters for use on Illumina instruments. In order to lower barriers to NGS and provide unmatched flexibility, IDT has now made these adapters easily accessible to users of all levels, enabling researchers to better tailor library preparation to their specific applications. There are three, high-quality configurations available:­ TruSeq-Compatible Full-length Adapters, TruSeq-Compatible Stubby Adapter and Indexing Primers, and Nextera-Compatible Indexing Primers.

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