Blood gas analyser

14th February 2017

Posted By Paul Boughton

Sphere Medical’s next generation Proxima blood gas analyser delivers near real-time analysis of arterial blood gases, electrolytes and metabolites, directly at the patient’s bedside.

This means that the caregiver need not leave a critically ill patient, and time to result is significantly less than by conventional bench-top analysis.

As the ex-vivo analyser is connected to the patient via their arterial line, all blood is returned following analysis which can reduce risk of iatrogenic anaemia and enable rapid and frequent blood gas and glucose measurements at critical times.

The patient dedicated system can be used on patients across a wide therapeutic range, facilitating faster clinical decision making and improved patient outcomes, whilst potentially reducing costs for healthcare payers.

Connectivity and the ability to seamlessly transfer results directly into laboratory information systems and electronic patient records is a key requirement for the successful implementation of point-of-care (POC) testing.

All results produced by Proxima are reported to its bedside monitor and data transfer can be easily implemented through its ability to connect to the Conworx family of laboratory information system interfaces and data management solutions. This means that its use and performance can also be readily monitored remotely. The newly launched next generation Proxima is already connected via Conworx at two German hospital sites.



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