Biotin labelled proteins

Amsbio has launched an exclusive biotinylated protein collection specially designed to simplify research. 

Attaching biotin to proteins and other macromolecules is an established labelling method that allows specific detection of biotin-tagged molecules via anti-biotin antibody, avidin or streptavidin based reporter systems. Biotinylation reagents are available for targeting specific functional groups or residues, including primary amines, sulfhydryls, carboxyls and carbohydrates. Photoreactive biotin compounds that react nonspecifically upon exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light are also available and expand the scope of the molecules that may be biotinylated.

Derived from HEK293 human cells and generated using our in-house developed single point and chemical labeling techniques, Amsbio biotin-labelled proteins demonstrate superb bioactivity and high detection sensitivity. These features make them uniquely suitable for ELISA, dot blot, western blot, and other relevant assays.

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